What’s Next for the Old Man’s War Universe?

2015. szeptember 23. 9:35

During the course of my Old Man’s War series re-read, I often found myself wondering where I’d like to see the series go.

In The Last Colony we formally meet an older, teenage Zoe, John Perry’s adopted daughter, and we got her version of the events in Zoe’s Tale. We know she moved back to Earth with her parents, but what about her future? Does she stay on Earth the rest of her life? Or does she eventually move into spheres that net her chances to get involved, once again, in the affairs of the Colonial Union and by extension, the Conclave? I would love to see the novel about Zoe as an young adult, how she interacts with the Obin, how she creates a future for herself with her complicated past, and where they leads her as she grows up. Zoe’s position with the Obin makes her uniquely placed. She changed the world once with help from her father and the Obin; I’m super ready to see her do it again.

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